About Us

We at Abacus CBD specialize in CBD products from premium hemp flower grown by us, as well as other Wisconsin farmers. All of our products are DATCP certified, lab tested, and follow federal guidelines, containing .3 % or less of THC. 

We believe in the power of the full spectrum of the cannabis plant. To preserve each strain’s own unique characteristics in our extract, we use a 21st century cryogenic isobutane approach to millennia old herbalist principles. Unlike other popular methods, this entire process never exceeds 100 degrees, allowing all the desired essential oils of the plant to remain intact. Each one of our products is not only rich in cannabinoids but also the broad range of terpenes and other molecules that encompass the plant, applying every facet of the flower power for each use!

 We work closely with other local makers and growers in our community and are proud to offer their variety of products as well. We are always looking for new connections and opportunities, if you are interested in collaborating or learning more about our extraction and extraction services, please feel free to call us at (920) 470-8030, or email us at [email protected]