We offer our pure extract to fellow processors to make products with, as well as cryogenic isobutane extraction of fellow farmers hemp to create true full spectrum essential oil. Our process consists of two stages. First, the oils are dissolved in a closed loop system and most of the butane is reclaimed before the second stage, when the extract is put into vacuum ovens in order to purge the remaining butane. During the entire process, the extract never exceeds 100F, meaning minimal terpene loss!

There are many reasons we use this method:

  • Best method for TRUE full spectrum oil: We use only premium flower, therefore our goal is to preserve the unique cannabinoid profile of each strain.

  • Efficient: Unlike other popular methods, no further refinement is required, and using sub-zero temps speeds up the process even further.

  • Safe: Despite a few accidents due to incorrectly constructed homemade rigs, and the ensuing smear campaign lead by companies using CO2 or ethanol processes, with the right equipment and education, butane extraction is completely safe.

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